Ramaphosa Must Do something | See What Is Happening Inside Ex-Finance Minister's Home 'Tito Mboweni'

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You cannot interpret these, it is what it is. The Ex-Finance Minister In South Africa He is always amusing the Country with the dishes of his choice. You'll never find that mboweni Stole some recipe from the well-known chefs and try to imitate those cooking styles no but he is all out for his level best.

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Well, you can not Denny that the big guy he is stressed about losing his job. Things ain't the same but for him to cope he keeps himself busy with his cooking. You won't be surprised if tomorrow he comes up with a new dish. In Branch the dish of the day it's called "Cart D joe"

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Mboweni will never be shaken but he can do his things without shame even his family knows he is a master chef in his home. Some other people must learn a few lessons from Tito Mbowen. Now we can see his "UIF" Unemployed Insurance Funds where he spends it.

Source: Twitter

Link: https://twitter.com/tito_mboweni/status/1465391477387935746?t=_n1VLsA6Cg-1QGK8QqUeyw&s=19

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