Jubilee Supporters Walk Out of Tallying Center in Juja as MP Kuria's candidate Takes Early Lead


The jubilee party candidate supporters stormed out of Tallying Center at Mang'u school in Juja Constituency as Hon Moses Kuria's candidate Hon Koimburi takes early lead. (Courtesy photo)

They further protested over the ongoing counting process which they criticized and said it is flawed.

It's remembered that the IEBC suspended the tallying process on Tuesday tonight at 10:30 PM after chaotic scene erupted. The IEBC commission blamed Kiambu County Governor, Hon James Nyoro and women representative hon wamuchomba for bringing hooligans to the tallying center.

However, at Wednesday morning hours, the chairman of the IEBC Mr Chibukati announced officially the resuming of the tallying process. He assured kenyans that the process shall be free and fair.

Notably, he said after the process, he will urge the inspector General of police Hillary Mutyambai to do thorough investigation over those who caused pandemonium in Juja Constituency.

The walk out of Jubilee party supporters at the tallying center attracted several comments from kenyans, Majority of them told them to accept the defeat. They further said winning of PEP party in Juja shows that Jubilee party has lost ground in central region.

These are some of their reactions:

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