"I Wasn’t Willing To Sleep My Way to The Top" Says Marang

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She is beautiful, she is tall, goal driven and not willing to sacrifice her morals and dignity for a job. She was born in Botswana, and she has a goal. She is determined to find herself acting in Hollywood films one day

Sharon Seno who plays Marang on SABC2s SOAP Opera Muvhango was a model who was into beauty contest in her country of birth and she have made it to Top 5 on Miss Botswana 2013.

The beautiful actress says she once stormed out of the auditions as the director told her to take off her clothes, and thought her acting dream have come to an abrupt End. Being scared of being exploited, she had to run As fast As she possibly could.

“I was 17, when he asked me to undress to get the part, I refused. I stormed out of the room and didn’t think I’d continue acting. I longed to be back on screen but I wasn’t willing to sleep my way to the top. Sometimes having morals delays success.”

The 26 year old Seno says she had low esteem as she grows because she never believes she looked beautiful.

“I was very shy growing up, people teased me for being the tallest girl among my peers. I thought I was ugly because of my height and my big lips.”

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