Several people Arrested Over The Mlango Kubwa Chaos Involving Ugandans And Kenyans


Police officers have been deployed to stop chaos in Mlango Kubwa area of Mathare as two communities clashed on Monday.

Twenty five people have been arrested in Mlango Kubwa area of Mathare as it is Alleged that two commuties are involved in the chaos.Several people plus some police officers were injured during the chaos.

Two conflicting communities for a long time have engaged in a cold war with tension rising each day, According to Citizen Tv it is said that one of the youths was stabbed to a ugandan nationilst and that's what led to the chaos.

The chaos started after it is Alleged that a Ugandan nationilst stabbed one kenyan, who died over the issue of business space, it was the issue that brought up all this scandal, and it is said that uganda nationilst have taken more spaces unlike kenyans living in the area

Residents were forced to stay indoors, only peeping from their balconies for fear of attacks as police conducted door-to-door operations, in search of the youths who initiated the chaos.