Laugh Away Your Sorrow With These Funny Memes

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Being rich is not easy, yesterday I donated my phone, watch and wallet to a poor guy. You can't imagine the happiness I felt when I saw him putting the gun back in his pocket. KINDNESS IS EVERYTHING.


ME: I can't work today, there's a huge ball of fire emitting deadly radiation.

Boss: You can't skip work just because the sun is out:


If you know you left a space in your Biology book for a diagram and didn't draw...gather here we have a brief meeting:


Wife asks husband "Please look after our Son for few minutes until I do a quick Shopping" And we all know what few minutes mean:


Who else has never fainted Since they were born.

I swear no matter how I try, it won't work:


Mother: That food look spoil

Father: Yeah that sour

Granny: warm it up for Browny



11 Years Old Me After Jumping from 4 Stairs in Front of my Cousins:


African Girls on a date vs at home

Hope you enjoyed!

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