US-based Ghanaian couple charged with fraud


A Ghanaian couple in the United States of America has been accused of misrepresentation after erroneously applying for advances under the CARES Act and dispatching the assets to people living in Ghana. 

As per government specialists, among July and August a year ago, the couple submitted deceitful applications for at any rate three Economic Injury Disaster Loans adding up to about $194,700. 

They made invented organizations for the advance and went through the cash they got on unapproved individual costs. 

The two, Lucy Oworae, 56, and her significant other, Richard Oworae, 59 are perpetual inhabitants in the US. 

Richard Oworae submitted applications to the Small Business Administration utilizing a bogus business, Gimp Management Consultant where he recognized himself as 'Proprietor/Officer". 

His significant other, Lucy had additionally enlisted a "U.S. Postal Services P&DC" organization where she is enlisted as the proprietor of the business. 

From August 5 until October 26, in any event $16,500.32 of the returns of the deceitful GMC advance was moved, to people living in Ghana, reports demonstrate. 

The issue was accounted for to a postal assistance manager, who alarmed examiners. 

The EIDL reserves are accessible to qualified people and organizations as per the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, to help entrepreneurs contrarily influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Credit continues are just permitted to be utilized on costs like installment of fixed business obligations, finance, creditor liabilities and other business-related costs that might have been paid had the Covid-19 catastrophe not happened.