Rejected And Approved Budget; Parliament Is Hot Today Between Majority and Minority leaders.

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The 2022 budget that was presented, rejected and approved in parliament has raised a lot of discussions in public and also in parliament. After the rejection of the budget by minority, it was approved by the majority in the absence of the main speaker of parliament.

This has made parliament very hot today as each of the leaders of both majority and minority side of parliament try their best to convince one another.

In parliament today, there has been a very hot discussion on the motion. The minority leader coats the articles while the majority leader tries to canter coat. Infact the situation in parliament today is very interesting.

Some of the issue raised was the fact that the deputy speaker of parliament counted himself among the majority in the voting process. Honourable haruna Idrissu raised this allegation and also coated the articles to support his argument. But majority leader seems not to agree with the minority leader which has made parliament very hot between the leaders.

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