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The Champions League continues to be the leader of club football and the European genius, with only the best footballers likely to win the title. A.D. After being renamed in the early 1990s, the continental competition has grown into a major sporting event, an annual battle between the world's greatest and best. Although many players were lucky enough to win the trophy on several occasions, only a few individuals at the time were able to make it to European Everest at two different clubs. Here are the rankings of the 9 players who did this while considering the players who won the Champions League with two different clubs.

 9. Marcel Desley - Marcy 1993, AC Milan 1994.

 Marcel Deselli is one of the best defenders of his generation, with a star club and international career. The center-back has won numerous trophies for Marseille, AC Milan, Nantes and Chelsea as well as the World Cup and European Championships with France. In the Champions League, the Frenchman became the first player in the history of the competition to win the first leg of the competition with two different clubs, first against Marseille and then with AC Milan. Desseli retired as one of France's best defenders in 2006.

 8. Clarence Sedorf - Ajax 1995, Real Madrid 1998, AC Milan 2003, 2007

 Ajax in 1995, Real Madrid in 1998 and AC Milan in 2003 and 2007. Clarence Sedorf is the only player in the history of the club to have won the Champions League four times and three times in his career. Different clubs. Along with Van der Sar, Sedorf was part of the exciting Ajax team that won the European Championship in 1995. Three years later, he won the trophy with Real Madrid. However, he spent the most successful part of his career as a member of Carlo Ancelotti's all-time winner Rossoneri, who spent three seasons in five seasons after moving from the Netherlands to AC Milan. Sedorf won the last two games, first against Juventus at Old Trafford in 2003 and then against England at Liverpool in 2007, with two goals from Filippo Inzagi.

 7. Gerard Picque - Man United 2008, Barca 2009, 2011

 Pique won the Champions League for the first time during his time at Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson. Still considered one of the best managers in history, the United States has been in decline since its retirement. PK's first Champions League trophy was part of United's 2008 victory after it was snatched from Barcelona's famous La Masia Youth Academy. He later returned to Barcelona, ​​beating his former club twice in the Champions League final and beating Barcelona United in 2009 and 2011.

 6. Edwin van der Sar - Ajax 1995, Manchester United 2008

 Edwin van Darsar, one of the greatest goalkeepers of his generation, has spent 13 years between the two victories in the Champions League. This fact demonstrates the remarkable longevity of his work. The Dutchman, Louis van Gaal, was a key member of Ajax's successful Ajax team, producing players such as Clarence Sedorf and Patrick Clovert, and has been a regular contributor to Eredivisie. Van der Sar was the first successful Champions League winner in 13 years at the 2008 final against Chelsea. Dutchman Nicolas Anelka saved a crucial penalty in Manchester United's win in the English final in Moscow.

 5. Samuel Eto'o - Barcelona 2009, and Inter Milan 2010

 Cameroon's Samuel Eto'o, the four-time African Player of the Year, is another Champions League winner, winning two trophies. He won three trophies at Barcelona (2006, 2009 and 2010), and in 2010 with Inter Milan.

 4. Tony Cross - Bayern Munich 2009, Real Madrid 2016

 Tony Cros became the first German to win the Champions League with Real Madrid in 2016 when he won the Champions League with Real Madrid. Bayern Munich have already won the Bundesliga by beating Borussia Dortmund. A.D. In 2019, the German international made his 100th appearance in the Champions League and became the 39th member of this only club.

 3. Xabi Alonso

 Real Madrid 2014, Liverpool 2005. Alonso, one of the most beautiful midfielders in the game, has twice excelled in European football during his time with some of the continent's biggest clubs. The first Champions League victory came in Istanbul in 2005, with Liverpool scoring three goals in a free kick in the second half and Alonso scoring in a stunning evening in Turkey. And Alonso won the trophy again in white, playing a key role in the match, despite the fact that he was forced to return home with Real Madrid after being suspended for a one-hour win over city rivals Atletico Madrid. The club's trip to La Desima.

 2. Deco - FC Porto, 2004, Barcelona, ​​2006.

 Brazilian-born Portuguese midfielder Deco was one of Jose Mourinho's crown jewels in the 2004 FC Porto Champions League winners. , Guaranteed to move to Barcelona. Deco played a key role in Barcelona's final victory over Arsenal in 2006, with Ronaldinho leading the Frank Rijcard star team. Deco was considered one of the best players in his position and remained a key player for Barcelona until his move to Chelsea in the summer of 2008.

 1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Man United 2008, Real Madrid 4 times

 The Portuguese star has won the Champions League five times with Man United, four times against Real Madrid and two different clubs. Ronaldo believes he is different from Lionel Messi after winning the Champions League with several clubs. The Argentine has won the Champions League four times alone with Barcelona. For six consecutive seasons, Ronaldo has been the top scorer in the Champions League.

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