Why Kenyans are Mocking MP Waluke’s Lawyers


When it comes to matters of the Kenyan justice system then the ordinary citizens are perhaps a disgruntled lot especially because they feel that justice is administered selectively on the basis of who is who and where. This is perhaps the reason why many Kenyans followed with a lot of zeal the court proceedings of John Walukhe on June 25, 2020.

Walukhe who was accused of misappropriation of public funds was accompanied by several top lawyers like Cliff Ombetsa, Danson Omari, Sam Nyaberi among others who were ferociously defending him. Things however turned ugly on the face of Kenyans who seemingly considered his lawyer’s arguments as baseless and laughable.

As is the custom these days, Kenyans on several social media have since started mocking John Walukhe’s defense team over some of their arguments in court. Take for example lawyer Cliff’s argument that Walukhe should not be jailed because his salary will stop and his college children will stop going to school.

Danson Omari on the other hand argued that the embattled MP should not be locked because of how religious Walukhe is.

These and other arguments might have rubbed Kenyans the wrong way prompting their outburst.

“ Defence lawyers Omari and company exposing the mediocrity of the so called learned friends. So walukhe shouldn’t be jailed because of covid19? Because he saved moi in 1982? Hahaha,” tweeted Asamoh.

Questions that many Kenyans are now asking are that; why should there be different application of law for different social classes? Should we fail to fight corruption as a nation because of covid19 should that be an excuse? Andrew Suleh on his side asked; “why blame the virus, the offence was committed before the pandemic.

A keen look at the outburst by Kenyans on twitter can tell where their hearts are however all is left for the jury to decide.


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