“If heaven is where Pastor Adeboye , David Oyedepo will go after death, I don't want to make heaven

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Mainstream Facebook influencer, Angela Nwosu has stunned her fans in another post as she unveiled that she would not like to make paradise if any semblance of minister Adeboye, Kumuiyi, and other strict pioneers will be going to paradise in the afterlife. 

Angela Nwosu paradise 

She has guaranteed that paradise will be an exhausting and unendurable spot to be in. This is on the grounds that they are phony and scoundrels in paradise. 

This is what she composed; 

"I would prefer not to make paradise! 

On the off chance that paradise is the place where Pastor Adeboye, Kumuyi, David Oyedepo and any remaining strict pioneers and individuals will go to after death, at that point I reject it with each fiber of my being. Paradise will sure be an exceptionally exhausting and intolerable spot to be in, brimming with counterfeit individuals and blackmailers and merciless individuals. I need to be the place where Fela is and would be glad to see Davido, Wizkid, Tekno, and so forth, go along with me there. 

The thing about me is I absolutely never need to resemble you. You don't really accept that that you can live the way that I do. Truly, you act like life's a presentation from the good book and once you arrive at the end you will not know where the time goes. I'm surviving my streams so kindly have fun. No Jesus above discloses to me how to carry on with my life, I do this for me, am not embarrassed, I don't cover up. I as of now have a God that turns me on with total surrender. He's the God that I see and trust in and his name is Emeka. 

So Save your petitions for your moms, I'm doing fine, the keep going thing at the forefront of my thoughts is life following death. Now is the ideal opportunity, I live at the time. I just think with rationale, so keep your bleeping lecturing, pity and feelings. I can never be made back the initial investment in case I'm lost in the sea, I actually will not give a Bleep where I'm apparently going, ighotago? No doubt, I would prefer not to go through endlessness with any of you. Demise is the lone thing vowed to us upon entering the world. Save your 'may God show leniency toward you' for your sisters that are doing fetus removals, for your siblings assaulting kids, for little young ladies with large God knacking other ladies' spouses, for your ministers and your town individuals 

There's no an ideal opportunity to squander once you enter this World, If you ask me, there is no existence in the wake of death and when I pass on, I will be happy with who I am and what I abandon! 


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