It is wrong to say "All things being equal" say this instead.


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We all love speaking English but as we speak, we commit certain grammatical errors.

People normally say no one is perfect when it comes to speaking good English aside the Queen. But there are some basic errors we normally make when we are writing or speaking English Language.

The sentence we are looking out for today is "All things being equal".

It is wrong to say "All things being equal", the correct way to say it is "Other things being equal".

The statement is mostly used in Economics under the topic, demand and supply or factors of production.

The statement is used used to say what should happen if two situations, products, etc., are different in a specified way but not in other ways.

For example, Other things being equal, Arsenal will not play UEFA Champions League next season.

The word "Other" is enough to complete the statement than the word "All"

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