If Your Phone Gets Stolen, Use This Method To Trace It


We all know the pain somebody feels if their treasured mobile phone gets stolen or lost. For most people, it feels like they have lost an important part of their soul.

The first instinct that comes to a person when they realise that their phone has been stolen is to run to the police to report the theft. Wgile I am not trying to discourage you from trusting the police, you should know that this is Africa and there is not much hope of the cops helping you in this rather complicated case.

Your phone contains a feature known as "Find My Device". Many people have seen this but either they don't know how to use it or they choose to ignore it. It is always best to Turn the Feature ON at all the times. You never know the time your phone will be stolen!

Go to Settings App and tap on Security.

After you have turned it ON, there is a good chance that in case your phone gets lost or stolen, you can retrieve it. You can use another phone to track it in three ways:

1. Using the Find My App from Google Play store.

2. Going to this web address "www.android.com/find"

3. Google searching "Find My Device"

All these three ways will lead you to a menu where you will be asked to provide the gmail account associated with your mobile device. If you enter it, you will see the current estimate location of your mobile phone. One last advice: Never go to to get back your phone alone. You never know whether those thieves are armed or not. Take some policemen with you!

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