PDP Is The Only Hope For Nigerians - Ayo Fayose

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Ayo Fayose has revealed to the public that he will not challenge the outcome of the South - West congress in the court he made this known when he tweeted

Let all well wishers of our party be assured that the Fayose Group in the South-West PDP that I lead by God's grace, will stand by our words and will not challenge the outcome of the South-West Congress in the court.

PDP remains our only hope and that of Nigerians at large. It must therefore be jealously preserved by our priceless sacrifice.

This is our bond.

Therefore, I make bold to say that Eddy Olafeso, myself and other leaders on this side will cooperate with Ambassador Arapaja’s team to make our party a success story in the Zone.

Some Nigerians also reacted to his statement when he said PDP is the only hope for Nigerians

@The_ Humanist11

PDP is just a different toilet but the same shit

The way all of you guys cross carpet at will is raw evidence ya all stand & live for nothing.

Same looting thieves in a different agbada

We need a different system & re-engineering of our institutions, nation & values.


I disagree with you his excellency PDP & APC are the same, A man who sold his dog and bought a monkey still have the undesirable in his house. Say no to old recycled politicians!

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