Five Romantic Text Messages That You Can Send To Your Lover During Rainy Days


Most times we appreciate the companion of our spouse during rainy days because we stay close to them to feel warmth and love. Send these five romantic text messages to your spouse to keep him or her warm throughout the rainy days.

1. When next it rains, try to catch the drops in your hands, the drops you catch are the amount, you cherish me, the drops you missed are the amount, I like you. Sending you a lot of hugs to keep you warm.

2. Every raindrop would be one of your smiles I wish that It rains heavily throughout so that there will be no space for tears. Stay warm my soulmate

3. When it rains, you don’t see the sun, but it's there. Hope we can be like that, we don’t always see each other, but we will always be there for each other.

4. Every raindrop falling from the sky has nothing in mind except to hit the earth. No matter how tough the drop is, it still reaches its destiny. Stay warm my love! 

5. The rain may be falling hard outside, But your smile makes it all alright. I’m so glad that you are my friend. I know our friendship will never end as I wrap my hands around you in this cold weather.


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