Ali Caught On Tape Smooching Another Girl After Claiming Shemima Cheated On Him With A Sugar Daddy

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Shemima allegedly cheated on Ali with a sugar daddy who whisked her away to Dubai, according to Ali. 

Shemima, according to him, spent a month in Dubai with her sugar daddy, who lavished her with cash and gifts.

The former Date Rush candidate stated that he genuinely loved Shemima, but that she was playing him like a fool, which is why they had to break up. 

Ali claimed that she returned to try to rekindle her relationship with the love of his life after a month of silence.

He was so heartbroken that he chose to end their relationship. 

Remember how Shemima rushed to Instagram a few weeks ago to scream her heart out after Ali broke up with her?

Looking at the picture Ali was smooching a woman which has caused a stir on social media and many people are commenting.

Below is the picture that Ali was smooching the lady

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