"Heshimu Riziki za Watu Nanii" Governor Hassan Joho Blasted for Doing This


Mombasa county governor Ali Hassan Joho has elicited mixed reactions in the social media space after making a public claim that has affected the income of Safarilink Aviation Company. The governor was late with 4 minutes for a flight but he had the audacity to criticize the service providers. This has upset netizens and have blasted the governor for misusing his office.

One of the angry netizens was Dr. John Njenga who tweeted, "Mr. Ali Hassan Joho

1. Arrive on time for your flight.

2. A flight is not a matatu ride.

3. You were late (!), flight was on time.

4. Stop misusing your office.

5. Stop playing victim.

6. Respect Safarilink Aviation.

7. Heshimu riziki za watu nanii."

The high profile twitter user continued saying, "It is very selfish and arrogant of passenger Mr. Ali Hassan Joho to make a public blanket claim that can affect the income of people who rely on @Flysafarilink. Covid19 pandemic has caused enough losses to the aviation industry. They don't need unnecessary drama."

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