Martha Karua Reveals What Will Happen To Ruto If She Becomes Deputy President After Next Month Polls

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With only just one month remaining to the next month's general elections, deputy president William Ruto who is the presidential candidate for the Kenya Kwanza alliance has gone out in all out combat against his boss president Uhuru Kenyatta.

The two senior leaders are seemingly spilling out their secrets in public with a leaked audio alleged to show deputy president William Ruto revealing deeper information on his previous dealings with the head of state and even a storm kicked off to allege that he would prosecute president Uhuru Kenyatta if he wins next month's general elections.

And now, Azimio la umoja One Kenya coalition party presidential candidate Raila Odinga's running mate Martha Karua has appeared to hit back at DP William Ruto with a counter strategy after his alleged remarks on prosecuting Uhuru.

According to Martha Karua, they will not do anything similar to what Ruto was alluding to even as she revealed that when she becomes deputy president a d constitutional affairs cabinet secretary, they will take care of Ruto and ensure he is not prosecuted in court.

"We have heard our competitors say they want to investigate and jail President Uhuru Kenyatta when they take over power, but I want to assure them we will take good care of them. We won't get them in trouble if we take over the country's leadership," she said.

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