"How to hide your bump 101" said Gugu Gumede as she leaves fans speechless with recent post.

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Being a celebrity is one of the hardest things ever. You don't get to live the life you want and do what you want freely. Everyone is watching what you do. One wrong move, and your career could end. It's a perfect job but doesn't need when you want to live a private life. 

Gugu Gumede is an actress and brand ambassador. She's known as Mamlambo on SABC 1 show Uzalo. She's been off social media since the death of her mother. Everyone assumed she was mourning while in fact she was enjoying her pregnancy in private. She announced days back leaving fans stunned. Which she even revealed she buried her mother while pregnant. 

She has shared beautiful pictures of herself. She's wearing clothes that are hiding her belly. Cracking a joke to her fans that she'd give tips on to hide it. What caught everyone's attention was her amazing glow. She's carrying beautifully.

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