Revealed: Why Elders Always Consult The Old Lady in Settling Disputes


Women have good retentive memory and they can store information for a long time, most of our family history are told by the old ladies in the family. If you have a old lady in your family you can approach her and she will be able to give you the history of your family. When elders meet in a palace to settle disputes, they normally say “they are going to consult the old lady”, the old lady is always consulted before passing judgment.

If a man promises a woman of something, the woman will keep the promise until the promise is fulfilled, if you promise a woman, you will not have a peace of mind. 

In our side of the world, during occasions like Christmas, Easter, Salah, birthday and etc. We share with each other by given out gifts and other groceries. If a man promise a woman of a Christmas gift, three months after Christmas, the woman will be chasing the man for the gift even when Christmas has passed. If she meet you on the street “ Brother Michael my Christmas gift”, you promised to give me a Christmas gift.

The woman you have promised will disturb you until, you give her what you have promised, when you get a message notification tone, it’s from her reminding you of the promise, most annoying message is when you have promised a woman of Christmas gift and you receive a message from her asking you to send it by mobile money transfer, the first message will come as, please send my Christmas gift by mobile money, the subsequent ones will read as, “I’m waiting for the mobile money”.

You can’t promise a woman and go free, a prisoner will have peace more than you, anytime you see her you hides from her sight to avoid embarrassment.