'This armed robber is a legend in prison, he keeps smiling even after being arrested.


Prison life is difficult since it restricts the activities that you used to enjoy outside of the prison. Your ability to travel wherever you want would be taken away, and the food you used to enjoy while you were outside would no longer be a choice; instead, you would be forced to consume just what is supplied to you, and worst of all, your life and time would be wasted there.

One could argue that all of these depictions of what life in prison is like should deter people from engaging in activities that lead to them being incarcerated in the first place, but it appears that some people enjoy going there and that these difficulties in prisons do not bother them in the least, and that they always look forward to going there because they enjoy being there and so they keep engaging in these criminal activities.

Now meet Kofi Poku, an armed robber who continues to smile despite being apprehended for being part of a crime. Kofi Poku was a member of an infamous armed robbery gang that were arrested for stabbing and stealing the handbag of Sherifa Yakubu, a 22-year-old young lady who is now died. Sherifa Yakubu worked as a hairdresser in Kumasi, where the tragic incident occurred.

When the police apprehended Kofi Poku and the other armed robbers who committed this vile crime, they were taken to the station to aid in the investigation, and while they were there, the police took photographs of the five armed robbers, which reveal the sadness on their faces, knowing that they in deeper trouble for their crime. But Kofi Poku keeps smiling, as if he has no remorse for his actions and as if the thought of being punished or going to prison if found guilty is nothing new to him, and that going to prison is merely an afternoon walk to the grocery store with his friends and this is because he is legend in prison.

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