Manchester City's Draw at Westham Rekindles Liverpool's Title Dream

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It has been a journey of thirty eight matches.Once again, English Premier League hasn't disappointed.It has serve as well as always.Happy are its fans and supporters

With just a single match for the title contenders to wrap it up,I tell you it has been a healthy fight.The league has proved its class and worth this season.

The top notch title chase is on.No comfortable winning this time round.The final whistle to matter alot in this.I mean;the thirty eighth match is a title decider if Liverpool win their match in hand following Manchester City draw 2-2 against Westham United today.

But from the look of things,the Reds are in the winning mood.This should be a serious worry for Manchester city because on the final day they will have a single point difference.Either side could go home with the trophy.

This are current Emirates Cup Champions 2022.In addition,they edged out the UEFA defending Champions, Chelsea.I don't see them drop points.Game on Liverpool!

Has Gurdiola lost his winning formula? It's just frustrating for the Spaniard Coach.Who do you think gonna lift the trophy?

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