Special Update SA record 106 new cases of Covid-19 and 02 number of daily death

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South Africa has been under lockdown for so long and, we know it very well that since COVID-19 started everything has changed, If we can remember correctly Mr President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country was going under national lockdown on the 26 April 2020, the cases of coronavirus keep on increasing in unexpected ways sometimes new cases decrease even the number of daily death. 

The main point is to defeat COVID-19 permanent that's the reason our government is trying to advise people to be vaccinated, South Africa has had 3 waves of coronavirus, and we are still expecting 4th wave, yesterday on the 1st of November South Africa has record lowest number of daily death. 

According to the latest daily statistics from department of health, since the national lockdown started last year on April our country has never record such the lowest daily infections and daily number of death, these can make sensor as we know that many South Africa citizens already been vaccinated, there's a clear possibility for recording the lowest cases from now upwards.  

The stats are showing 108 new infection cases and 02 number of daily death, right now both of us we can agree that taking vaccine is really important however there are a lot of rumors about the vaccines, we know it very well that some people keep on complaining about vaccine side effects almost every day, 

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