Swimming Lesson Turns Bitter For Two Teachers With Their Two Students Leading to Arrest


The government has been in the forefront in protecting the children against any form of oppressions at all times.People who have been victims have faced the law even if the child is his or her own.Cases related to divorce have been treated carefully with the children remaining the points of focus at the crucial times of decision making.

In schools,some teachers who have been found molesting the school children have also been ruthlessly dealt with.This has seen some teachers jailed for these sins.Some teachers have found themselves messing up with the school children instead of providing security for them against such vices.

Some schools across the country provide varieties of lessons including swimming lessons.Such lessons have seen teachers becoming victims on the wrong side.A teacher from Step Up Zion School has been apprehended after a swimming lesson led to him molesting his student.The primary school teacher,Mr Joseph Nduva Wambui is currently in police custody after his colleague Mr Mike kioko ran away.Police have said that the two teachers were caught fondling two 13 year old girls during the lesson.Mr Kioko who is still on the run is yet to be apprehended.

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