Here Are 10 Things You Should Never Do Whenever You Are Using A Gas Cooker

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So many people have adapted to the usage of gas for cooking because it is easy, stress-free and even faster compared to the local stove which few people are still using.

Although usage of gas is good and faster at the same time it is dangerous. For the sake of your health, there are few things one should not do while using a gas cooker.

1. Avoid Stay Too Long In Kitchen.

Cooking gas contains carbon monoxide which is a dangerous gas to the body. Avoid staying too long in the kitchen while your gas is turned on. Avoid cooking food that involves a hundred per cent attention (Food that you must always watch to avoid it getting burnt). Constant exposure to this gas causes headache, nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

2. Avoid Turning It To The Highest Power.

A hungry man is an angry man, when people are so hungry they tend to increase the gas power to the highest point which is considered dangerous. The flame of the gas should not extend beyond the sides of the pot. When this happens the food tends to boil faster and some might even pour on the gas.

3. Never Ignore A Gas Leak.

If you come across or perceive a gas leak ensure that you turn off the gas completely, open all the windows and doors of your house. If the smell is still increasing make sure you leave the house and contact people around you or call any gas vendor for help

4. Don't Keep Unnecessary Items Close To The Gas.

It is so sad that some people drop their cooking materials so close to the gas while cooking. Items like dish towels, plastic dishes or any other items should not be kept close to the gas, because they can easily cause a fire outbreak.

5. Never Use A Gas While Having Some Food Debris On It.

Before cooking with a gas ensure that all debris from previous food should be cleaned, because if you use it like that those particles will begin to burn and thus produce some unpleasant odour.

6. Don't Shake Your Gas Cylinder.

Some people often shake their gas Cylinder to know if the gas is still there or it has finished, Constant Shaking of gas cylinder can lead to an explosion.

7. Avoid Using Your Phone In the kitchen.

Using a phone in the kitchen causes distraction and might lead to your food getting burnt.

8. Never keep Your Fire extinguisher Away From The Kitchen.

While Using a Gas Cooker ensure that your fire extinguisher is always close to the kitchen in case of any fire outbreak which can happen at any moment.

9. Never overfill Your cooking Gas.

It is dangerous to overfill your cooking gas because it might cause leakage and thus fire outbreaks.

10. Never Expose Your Body While Cooking With A Gas.

When cooking with gas ensure to wear fitting clothes that cover your body.

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