Ethiopian Killer Was Not An Athlete As Details Emerge On The Last Whatsapp Conversation involving Muthee

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The death of another Kenyan athlete has taken the country by storm in the last few days with questions being asked about what happened to Muthee. 

According to initial reports, Muthee was found dead in her house in the lilies estate within Iten. Her body was only recovered after the estranged husband called her family and told them about the body of their daughter days after he had escaped. 

According to the neighbors, Muthee was living with the suspect with the two living a very quiet life. According to her coach, Muthee met her lover while she was in Qatar. Her husband reportedly works in Qatar. He denied reports that the Ethiopian was an athlete training in Kenya.

According to the coach, He has never seen him training. The coach revealed that he had spoken to her just before she was killed through WhatsApp. She told him that she was in Kapsabet town for treatment on a tendon injury. She declined to meet him despite the fact that the coach was also kapsabet. 

There are fears she was in a toxic relationship until her death. The family is calling on relevant authorities to intervene and ensure justice is served. 

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