I Wish You Were on My Bed with Me Every Night: Captain Smart Reveals His Daily Routine With His Wife


Today, Captain Smart made a bold and emotional revelation on Smart TV different from his normal drill on TV. In the process of criticizing the people who killed Ibrahim Mohammed, he revealed his daily emotional routines he has with his wife. He stated that he wished Ghanaians were on his bed every night to see how his wife worries because of how risky his work his. He recounted how his wife called him to stop his work so that they flee abroad. According to the narration of Captain Smart, it was obvious that his wife has lost hope that Ghana will ever develop and as such, she sees the effort of Captain Smart as a futile effort. Captain Smart explained that after she complains, she turns around to offer a helping hand as she has no choice.

"I wish you were on my bed with me every night. Every night, my wife pleads with me that I stop. Today when I arrived at work today, my wife called me from the kitchen and told me to stop so that we move abroad. This is because she doubts the fact that Ghana will ever develop. After she was done talking, she later offers me her support since everyone needs help. She told me that in every country, there is an individual who always rise up so that the nation will develop. Despite that, she warned me to take care of myself. I remember sometime when a man approached me when I was walking with my wife. The man declared that all Ghanaians were in support of what I was doing. Immediately when he left, my wife was annoyed because he was not in her shoes.", Captain Smart narrated.

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