"DCI Kazi Kwenu", Uproar After Another Minor Was Spotted Driving A Lorry


Kenyans have reacted to video if a minor driving a lorry in public. The video posted by the Sikika Road safety has left tongues wagging. This has come months after another child was spotted driving a prado which caused uproar among social media users. The father of the minor was arrested and fined for allowing a minor to drive without a driving license.

Kenyans have asked the DCI to take action on the owner of the lorry which the young boy was driving. The boy could be seen enjoying as the person who is purported to have taken the video wondered how he was able to drive comfortably. The traffic rule sir Kenya does not allow anyone who is not a valid license holder to drive.

The owner of the lorry could soon find the wrath of the law for risking the minor's life. What are your views about the viral video?

Below are a sample of the reactions.

Robert Muoni: These kids will be the best drivers in the near future and thus have less accident cases. Acha watoto wajue kudrive

Kiplimo:Unless the law allows so, this is wrong! People just supporting it for fear of having different opinion.otherwise given a chance they won't let their 7 year olds try on a 5 tonne truck!

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