JUST IN: National Police Service Withdraws Security of Senator Cleophas Malala Until He Apologizes

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The National Police Service is in charge of providing security to important people across the country and this include politicians who have been duly elected by the people of Kenya.

Picture courtesy. Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala.

The politicians who are guarded by the police have an obligation to treat the officers with respect and this is what has befallen one Senator from Kakamega County.

A few days ago, while addressing a rally in the area, Kakamega Senator, Cleophas Malala, caught himself on the receiving end of the police after he abused them on national television.

The outspoken United Democratic Alliance party affiliated Senator bashed the Police for how they were treating youths in the area while at the same time saying that it doesn't require education for one to be a cop.

This did not auger well with the National Police Service and this afternoon, through reliable sources, the National Police Service has confirmed that the security detail of the Popular United Democratic Alliance party Gubernatorial Hopeful, has been withdrawn.

The National Police Service Commision Chairman Eliud Kinuthia confirmed the news while saying that the Senator has not yet apologized in a proper way to the Police who he demeaned but are the ones who are guarding him.

Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai and the NPSC Chairperson have both agreed that the Senator will continue to move around without his security detail until he apologizes through the proper channel for what he said about the police on that rally.


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