Video:What Happened On Lang'ata Road That Has Made Kenyans Angry

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Many people depend on the livestock that they posses for their livelihood but it is so sad to lose herds of cattles at once.The tragic accident that involved a vehicle and various cattle that were crossing the road was so worrying.

Many cows that were left alive were seriously injured.The drivers are expected to be so careful while on the road to prevent certain tragic accidents that may arise.The owners of the cattles were so sad after the viewed what happened on the road.

The livestock pastoralists are expected to ensure that they observe both sides very well before crossing the road.The accident left the owners with more losses due to the fact that they fully depended on their livestock for livelihood.

The owners are predicted to be Masaai community that were in their constant way of pastoralism.The police traffic officers are expected to ensure the crossing on the road is well done.

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