Man and woman see the same things differently in these 5 situations

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Some people feel that men are the only ones who can appreciate a woman's beauty. This is completely untrue. Men aren't the sole authorities on beauty, and they aren't always objective. How can someone with a sweet craving be a cake contest judge?

Compare and contrast men's and women's perspectives on female beauty.

Choice of clothing

Men always see the big picture, whereas women notice everything from the scarf's brand to the coat lining's quality. Women are excellent at it, but they are also extremely choosy.


Only ladies understand how much work it takes to keep hair shining and get rid of wrinkles on the forehead. Men, of course, notice and appreciate beauty, but they have no idea how much it costs.

Make up

Men admire the art of makeup, but only as a finished product. Women look to see how expertly someone puts their wing eyeliner and if the concealer tone matches their skin tone.


A man sees a woman in her entirety. Her nice laughing, gentle smile, and lovely eyes all appeal to him. Women notice how other women move, how they utilize their body language in conversation, and a variety of other characteristics that help them determine whether they are a queen, hunter, or loser.


Men and women are thought to see a body in the same way. This isn't the case. Men are drawn to the shape, the silhouette. Their attention is directed to the areas that are the most...amazing. Even the most gorgeous butt, a somewhat chubby belly, or a few extra pounds won't be missed by women.

Ever heard that saying man will always be man ,no matter what ,well on this case we have just came to the conclusion that woman will also be woman in their own ways ,we may have eyes but we will forever see things differently .


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