2023: Popular cleric asks Nigerians to reject politicians who lure them with rice and stockfish

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The National President of the Apostolic Church, Nigeria, Apostle Sampson Igwe, has warned Nigerians ahead of 2023 general elections on the need to reject any politician who entices them with food items like rice, stockfish and other material gifts in exchange of votes. 

He further asked them to look for men of integrity instead of good-for-nothing politicians who have nothing to offer! The cleric said: "We need to look for leaders who are God-fearing, who will not come and lure you rice and stockfish. Reject politicians who lure you with Rice, stockfish in 2023"

He gave the advice while addressing a media briefing on Sunday at the Apostolic Church Headquarters Auditorium, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State as part of activities marking the presidential tour of the state territory. 

He said Nigerians are used to making a lot of mistakes by collecting material things while electing politicians to positions. He therefore called for the attitudinal changes and seriousness, noting that politicians who lure them with gifts always forget masses when they get into power.

The cleric also shared his thoughts on the insecurity rocking the country. He strongly believed that the challenges are surmountable and things will change for better! He also reitrated that every Nigerian has role to play when it comes to tackling insecurity because security agents can't be everywhere as they can only act based on the information given to them!

He added: “Insecurity will end, but we have to play our own roles, we have to sit down as security men and women. Security men are not everywhere, neither are they gods; they act on Information that is given to them"

SOURCE: Vanguard Newspapers

If you are given rice, stockfish or material gifts during election, will you reject them?

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