People respond to Patrick Shai death

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News broke out that Actor Patrick Shai has passed on. The family confirmed this. He committed suicide on Saturday 22nd January.

People on Twitter were shocked about the news because just last week he trended for insulting Cassper Nyovest and his mother. Then Patrick Shai released an apology video and soon after he committed suicide.

Some people say that it was a cry for help because people who go through depression behave in that manner. They felt like he knew he was going to commit suicide because he said that he wants to fight Cassper before he dies.

Others said that mental health is important and it should be taken seriously. They said that the video was out of character for him and his family should have taken it seriously.

This is such a sad thing. May his soul rest in peace. Leave your thoughts in the comments section and don't forget to like share and follow me for more entertainment.

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