Kenyan Politician Complains About The Economic Status Of The Country


Politician Alinur Mohammed, who is also eyeing the Parliamentary Seat for Kamukunji constituency come 2022, surprised netizens when he complained of the tough economic times in Kenya.

Image courtesy: Alinur Mohammed.

Penning his thoughts in a post on his twitter account on Sunday, the politician clearly listed food items that ordinary kenyans use almost daily and their prices.

He noted that as at now, a loaf of bread costs Kshs 60, one tomato goes for 25 shilings while a packet of milk costs Kshs 65 adding that for a single person, having breakfast alone costs Kshs 125. This is even more tough to a large family.

Alinur Mohammed's concerns comes at a time when Kenyans have been crying for tough economic times even as the government continues to borrow big loans, loans which they feel are not used to help Kenyans but is being squandered by few individuals.

The politician's post created heated reactions from netizens online and here are some of the comments: