All Schools To Be Closed On 16th July 2021

All Schools To Be Expected To Close

According to 2021 calendar the schools are expecte to close on 16 July, 2021 the end of term tree, the students have been given holiday of 10 days and will come again to start term one,most of the schools are closed on 16 July,Coronavirus had change many things in the schools makes the students to at home one year.

The students are been return in school in third June 2021 for the starting of term one but parents are complaining about school fees this cause their children to stay at home in the purpose of searching money for school fees.lf the government can try their best to help students in fees this will help the students to be present all day in school.

If coronavirus will continue to increase the graph of daeth. Infected person this can couse the change of school calendar and when students stay at home many of the girls gets early pregnancy and school drop out case is increased.

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