Love life- Checkout cute pictures of Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Cody Simpson.

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Miley Cyrus is an American singer and Song writer, she was born on 23rd of November 1992. She is a famous Disney actor . Taking the role of Hannah Montana made her very famous and loved by many people. When it comes to relationships Miley Cyrus is very controversial. She has dated top celebrities like Justin Bieber and even broke off engagement with Kaitlyn Carter and Liam Hemsworth although the relationship lasted for a long while.

Cody Simpson is an Australian Singer, Songwriter dancer, actor and model. He was born on 11th of January 1997. And has done a lot of good songs and was even featured in a movie Sonny with a chance when he was much younger.

Cody labels Miley as his childhood crush, they began dating in October 2019, they've been good friends before they even started dating.

There relationship has a lot of public Display of Affection on social media . Their relationship has gotten a lot of people talking on social media. They have gotten matching tattoo and even attend family functions together.

Miley Cyrus look very cute in pictures and even the sweet post they put up on social media.

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