Photos: 27-Year-Old Black Man Shares Love Moment With His 75-Year-Old Granny White Lover.


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A proud black lover boy has boldly taken to his social media account to share some of the love moments he had together with his American white lover.

The young man with a user name call 'Reggieandbrooke' has revealed that he met the love of his life at the age of 27 whiles she was at age 75.

The young man has also shared some pictures of their love moments they had together since they met. The words from the young man seems to be a prove that he actually love the white woman despite her age.

Subtracting the young man's age from the white, one can say that the woman has lived up to four decades before the young man was born. Which means she's practically his mother or grandmother. But as they say, love is blind. To the young man, the age gap between them doesn't matter, what matters is that, he's in love, and age doesn't count in love.

After sharing pictures of him and the 'love of his life' , some internet users have praised them whiles some were of a different view. According to many of the comments, the young man is supposedly following her because of material benefits. They said he's probably looking for a green card and also to inherit her wealth. Below are some of their comments.

What do make of the young man's decision? Is it genuine love or his truly actually looking for something. Drop your comments in the comments section below.