Opinion: Between Gulder Ultimate and Big Brother Naija, which one makes you feel better? see throwback

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Gulder Ultimate is one of the biggest television show ever in Nigeria and I Africa as a whole, before the arrival of Big Brother Naija.

The show was really interesting back then, and was really one of my favorite TV show. Now that the TV show is no longer existing, many now remember the good times watching it live. Some of it fans back then, now took to social media to share how bad the feel about the shut down of the TV show, calling for relaunching of the program.

Most times discussion has been raised between Big Brother Naija and Gulder Ultimate, by which one remains the best, why I think votes for big Brother Naija surpasses the Gulder Ultimate show.

Yeah, Right now we don't need to move back ward rather we forward. The Gulder Ultimate show might be interesting then, but I think Big Brother Naija is more interesting now, because life doesn't need back ward.

Some reasons are that Big Brother Naija now looks good and suits today's generation than the previous Gulder Ultimate show because big Brother Naija suits this present generation, be showing popular lifestyle of people.

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