IMF Will Not Scrape E-levy - Chairman Of Finance Committee Of Parliament

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The Chairman of the Finance Committee of Parliament, Kweku Kwarteng said the government's decision to go to the IMF for a bailout does not mean that the E-levy will be scrapped.

He stated that the IMF may come and state that the E-levy is not enough to generate revenue and this may lead to the intake of more revenue measures.

“I’ve heard people make comments as though the pain of E-levy can be escaped if you go for an IMF program. The IMF is going to come and start discussions. When they come to your country, they do not come and tell you to relax taxes. They will probably come and say E-levy is not enough. When IMF comes to your economy, the records show, they will say don’t employ people, cut your expenditures and increase your revenue so you may have to take on more revenue measures”.

Meanwhile, the leading member of the New Patriotic Party, Gabby Otchere Darko said the Minority in Parliament has frustrated the policies of the government and delayed the E-levy which leaves the government with no option but to go to IMF for a bailout.

The expectation of the E-levy is not the result we are seeing today as postulated by the majority in Parliament.

They thought that the E-levy will solve the economic hardship in the country through revenue generation but things becomes harder day by day for the ordinary Ghanaians. 

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