My pastor treated me like a burden, kicked me out when I needed ‘church’ the most – Man narrates


The congregation was the primary spot of shelter he looked to after a horrible destiny occured for him in December 2010. Subsequent to tumbling off the second story of a structure while material it, a spinal physical issue caused loss of motion in the two legs.

Following quite a while of treatment in the clinic, he understood he was unable to walk any longer.

He was bound to a wheelchair however this would not stop youthful Ellah Ametor Avumatsodo whose enthusiasm for chapel and crafted by Christ stayed undeterred regardless of his test.

Yet, he was baffled, first by his minister and afterward by the whole church participation when he required them most.

Indeed, they helped him monetarily when he was on the emergency clinic bed and required guide with treatment charges however when he could at long last make it to chapel, he was oppressed, and dismissed.

Offering his story to Wonder Ami Hagan on GhanaWeb TV's 'Kin and Places' Show, he agonizingly reviewed how his minister (name retained) whom he said fathered one gathering at Odorkor in Accra, treated him on one event at chapel.

"At the point when the thing (mishap) happened to me, I planned to chapel; I generally say this thing…

"That congregation, they never gave me the gathering I should get from Christian siblings that I have. At the point when the mishap occurred, I was remaining at Atomic, at that point I go to Odorkor to Church, each Sunday. At the point when the thing occurred, they upheld me in a way when I required monetary help, at the clinic, I will not lie about that. Yet, I needed to have a vibe of the assembly room and I took taxi from the house, I needed to see my siblings, and hear the proclaiming that my minister had been lecturing that had been making a big difference for us.

"At the point when I got to the passageway of the congregation, the minister advised me, I should return home, they'll come and visit me in my home since I was utilizing wheelchair," he expressed.


"Around then, I actually was not in a decent state, I was in an overwhelming state and I required support so when he said that, that interest in hearing what my minister needed to lecture at that exact instant disappeared. I just gathered my sack and things, and at that point, I was utilizing a major wheelchair so I needed to pack everything into the vehicle and my mother was strong.

"She just went to search for a taxi, I pressed my wheelchair into the taxi and we left. They never came to me in my home. I remained in the house for seemingly forever, yet they didn't come."

Despite the fact that tormented by the experience, he clarified that another Christian gathering helped him "in a good place again" and energized him till he got his confidence in God.

Utilizing his experience as a motivation for other people, who might be confronted with comparative circumstances, Ellah said,

"Throughout everyday life, we should acknowledge each circumstance that comes our direction. Without tolerating the circumstance, things will deteriorate."