Mnakwethu: MaShelembe Might Never Leave Her Husband Langa After This

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When MaShelembe mentioned that she had enough of the marriage, we were convinced that she really was and she would pack her bags and leave. This would have been good for her because what it would have meant is that, she would have thought about her future, she is still very young.

There is still a lot that she can do for herself, the marriage is what made it seem like she is an old lady, she had to deal with a lot of problems at a very young age.

That is very unfortunate, but the question is, why is she not really leaving? She said she would, then what is it that is holding her back? Now, obviously, people will want to know if it is really true that she did not leave her husband and one thing to understand is that, it is not as easy for MaShelembe as everyone thinks.

So, if she decided to stay, then people should be supportive and try to understand that there is probably a lot that is happening in her life right now.

There were people who were happy because they thought that she had left Langa, but all of that was short lived. Someone revealed something, this is someone who most likely knows people who know MaShelembe, according to the information that he got, MaShelembe did leave, however, she went back to Langa.

It seems like MaShelembe and Langa might have worked things out and probably reached some sort of an agreement, she definitely looked broken when she was telling Langa that she was done.

But, we all know that we can never fully understand matters of two people, a lot of people might have thought that they understood the type of person MaShelembe is.

However, she gets to make her own decisions, if she really went back to Langa, then people will need to respect that. What happened here, happens all the time, MaShelembe and Langa might have problems, but there are things that they need to prioritise.

In a marriage like MaShelembe and Langa's marriage, families are, somehow, involved, they have made it their job to fix whatever problems that may occur.

Who knows, maybe this is what they did here, and again, people should remember that there are also children involved, some parents prefer raising their children together, even though the marriage is toxic.

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