Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok Responds to the Criticism on the Tea Sales to Iran

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As more questions come out due to the selling of Bomet tea to Iran,the Bomet governor Doctor Hillary Barchok has decided to break the doubts and negative rumours about the tea selling.

Barchok said that the county government of Bomet is now selling tea to Iran with a higher price than the one at Mombasa.He said that the residents of Bomet can now receive more than fifty percent profit.

He said that the tea are now selling tea worth 27.7 million at ninety shillings per killograme which he said is more than the price at the Mombasa tea auction by now.He said that he is determined to make the Improvement of the living standards of the people of Bomet to be real as he had promised them.

He said that people should stop spreading negative rumours about the export of Bomet tea to Iran as it was for the good of the people of Bomet.

On Sunday, governor Barchok together with the Kenyan ambassador to Iran Moses Gathimu unveiled the consignment in Iran where they were accompanied by two cooperative directors from Bomet.

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