Are They Back Together? Stivo Simple Boy And Prity Vishy Spotted Hanging Together In A Night Club

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Kenyan artist Stivo Simple Boy and his ex girlfriend Prity Vishy late night club appearance has caused stir online. The two had a successful club entrance for the first time show ever that had a good turn out of people who came to support them.

It is clear that the two broke up but their club appearance has caused mixed reactions to many Kenyan's they don't know if its all about business or are they back together. Something funny is that the two didn't use the same vehicle during club entrance since everyone came with his own vehicle.

Furthermore, after the club appearance show Stivo simple Boy on his side said that it was a good moment hanging out with his ex girlfriend Prity Vishy for the first time since they broke up few months ago. He also said that they have planned more shows they will do together some months to come. Do you think Stivo Simple Boy and Prity Vishy through this shows they have started doing together can they change their turn and start dating a fresh. Below is a YouTube link video with full evidence.

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