Beautiful Tanzanian Lady Serving A 10 Years Jail Term In Kenyan Prison


A story of a young Tanzanian lady, Fatuma Idi has been trending on social media platforms and YouTube, on the fact that she is serving a lengthy prison sentence here in Kenya.

Fatuma's story was brought into the media by Njata TV, after one of their journalists interviewed her, where she revealed that she was arrested and arraigned in court on allegations of car robbery here in Kenya.


Despite the fact that she was born in Tanzania, Fatuma became friends with a man from Kenya, but he did not know that the man was a car robbery, yet he always told her that she was a truck driver. Their love saw them blessed with twins,

Her husband was arrested after a car went missing here in Kenya. The police search led them into their house, where they found several vehicle number plates, which could not be accounted for. She was therefore arrested, only to learn that her husband was later released.

Upon being taken to court, she faced several robberies, which saw her get several jail terms, which were to run concurrently. The total years that she was therefore supposed to stay in prison was 10 years. At the moment, she is at Lang'ata Women's Prison.

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