The EPL top 5 best goalkeepers of the season so far

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Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the English Premier League competition has had some fantastic moments this season, with certain players and managers recording improved performances while others faltered, resulting in them being benched or fired from their roles.

Bernando Silva of Manchester City, Liverpool's Mohamed Salah, Arsenal's Aaron Ramsdale, Manchester United's David De Gea, and Chelsea's Thiago Silva are the current players who have demonstrated an improvement in their teams.

On the goalkeeper front, Aaron Ramsdale, who joined Arsenal recently, has already proven his worth to the club. David De Gea has done the same for Manchester United. Edouard Mendy of Chelsea, Emilio Martinez of Aston Villa, and Lucas Fabianski of West Ham are all outstanding players who deserve to be ranked at the top for their outstanding performances.

Here is their positional range.

6. Lucas Fabianski

5. Emilio Martinez.

4. Edward Moares

3. Aaron Ramsdale

2. De Gea, David

1. Mendy Edouardo

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