It's About To Go Down — Ghetto Boys Leaves Room For Roommate Moment He Arrived With A Lady (Video)

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An interesting video sighted by Mdk Banahene on Instagram captures moment ghetto boys quietly left a room for their friend when he arrived with a well-endowed lady. And when it happens like this, then you already know it's about to go down. The most interesting part of it is that, these two guys quietly left one after the other as the first guy is seen wearing white top while the second is seen bare-chested.

Some roommates are so matured to the extent that, they knows what to do at the right and that is exactly what these friends did. Because there are some friends unlike these guys, they will refuse to leave the room for you and your partner even when you have asked them to excuse you. Infact that is when you will see them busily doing something which is not even needed at that time.

Some social media users took to the comment section to react massively to the video as some guys says this is what we call brothers code and they do it for the culture.

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