Head collision kills family of five

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A family of five is believed to have died in an accident near Assin Fosu in the Central area while returning after the 31st all-night service.

The family was found dead after their Toyota Corolla, registration number WR-28-48, crashed head-on with an articulator vehicle, according to information gathered at the site.

According to sources, the Toyota Corolla's driver was attempting to overtake a truck when the collision occurred.

As a result of the impact, the vehicle's front end was mangled, trapping the passengers inside.

A united rescue team of police, fire, and emergency medical personnel extracted the trapped bodies from the damaged automobile wedged underneath the truck.

Elder Godwin, an eyewitness, said the man, his wife, and two female children were all unconscious when they were rescued, but their son was awake.

The victims were taken to the hospital in an ambulance that was dispatched to the incident.

This is the first road accident to occur in 2022.


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