Nameless And Wahu Wow Netizens in Their Latest TBT Post

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Nameless and Wahu have been a great power couple since the good olden days of Genge with the likes of Wyre, Juacali, Esir and Redsan. They are the legends of Kenyan music that one can't forget to mention in the history of how it started in the nineties.

The two have celebrated over 15 years in marriage and have continued to be together despite the challenges that celebrities face. They recently launched a tv show on show max about their love journey and it has received good viewership something inspiring considering the platform which they are using.

Looking at how the two have had their love journey it's been wonderful since they've managed to stay from scandals like other celebrities do. This is admirable and inspiring to young couples.

Today it was a Tbt photo they posted on their Instagram account and I guess the point was that people come from far with their partners what matter is the love and trust that never dies which eventually will see lovers grow in both aspects.Photo/courtesy: Instagram.

The two are happily marriage with a family which they are proud of and their music has always been making new records taking Kenyan music to international levels.

What's your opinion on the couple being the best in Kenya in terms of celebrities marriages?

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