Children are dying at Rahima Moosa hospital

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This was bound to happen, mantaince of infrastructure is not happening. The government workers who are paid to do so are not doing their work. The people who are doing procurement in hospital are corrupt, jobs that is done is showd. There is a problem of overcrowding and few health professionals. The infrastructure and health workers, overcrowding at the hospital need to be addressed.

Bongani Bingwa


Children are dying at Rahima Moosa hospital. Infections spread because sometimes there’s no water. Premature babies are left in cold incubators when there’s no power. What crisis asks GP Health from the comfort of their air conditioned ivory towers? #702Breakfast 


There is no budget for people who are not on the system. Since according to Human Rights you can't turn away a sick foreigners and this became a headache. But the government should 

start charging foreigners for services they receive in our hospital.

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