Tito Mboweni|| Giving hope to Gwede Mantashe that they must win the metros next time

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We all know that the ANC has done so bad in the local government elections and the only way they can get party in to its old days glories, they will really need to perform miracles. South Africans are now awoke and they can clearly see what is happening in the ANC.

We saw how the leaders of the ANC looked like when they saw that they have lost big time but it seems like not all hope is lost in some of the ANC members. Tito Mboweni seems to be optimistic about the future of the ANC and he says that they still have five years to go and they should work hard during this time to ensure that they win next time.

"The political pain of leadership! A skies National Chair! We must win the Metros next time. Five years to go! Organize! Mobilise! Develop the country! Movement forward!!"

It will really be difficult for the ANC to win those metros back in Gauteng. The DA will ensure that they put their best foot forward so that they are voted in for another five years come the elections time. We know that they got most of the metros because of the help of the EFF but either way, they are the ones in charge now.

We know that it has only been weeks since the DA took over the metros but people are already complaining about them. Some are saying that the people are still having the same problems that they did if not worse during the time of the ANC. It seems like they have not yet started delivering on the problem that the people are having as yet.

The leader of the DA in Johannesburg Mpho Phalatse will not be having an easy ride. It is about to get pumpy for her and we have already started to see people taking her on about some of the things happening in Johannesburg.

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