How To Have A Curvier Appearance (For Skinny Girls)

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Many young women aspire to have a tiny physique. If you're naturally thin, however, you've certainly wondered how you'd appear with a different body type. Perhaps you aspire to look like your favorite voluptuous movie star or celebrity. Fortunately, adding extra curves is as simple as changing your clothes.

Choosing the Appropriate Clothing

1. Put on shape-enhancing underwear. With shape wear that acts as underwear, you can effortlessly create instant curves.

Push-up and padded bras elongate the bust and make it appear bigger.

Look for lower-body shapewear with padding in the hips and back to generate curves in those regions.

2. Wear flattering tops. The correct shirt or blouse can give you additional curves by adding fullness to your breast and hips while slimming down your waistline.

Peplum tops have a fitted waistband that flares out at the hips. These tops make it simple to get curvier hips.

Boatneck and off-the-shoulder shirts serve to create the illusion of an hourglass figure by drawing the gaze outward.

Tops with cowl necks or flowing in the front can give the bust area more volume.

Corset tops give you an hourglass figure by emphasizing your breast and hips while reducing your waist.

3. Put on a blazer or a tailored jacket. Tailored jackets have a narrower waistband than regular jackets. They aid in the definition of the waist and the creation of an hourglass figure. [5] Wear the jacket over a more fitted top that isn't too big and button the jacket in the middle to nip in the waist for the best results.

4. Try wearing high-waisted bottoms. Higher-rise pants, skirts, and shorts tend to sit at the smallest region of the waist, making it appear smaller. A narrower waistline, on the other hand, creates an hourglass figure by making the bust and hips appear bigger.

5. Put on a pair of bootcut jeans or pants. Flare-hemmed pants and jeans provide fullness to the figure and help to disguise a slender figure.

Back pocket embellishments, like as sequins or embroidery, can also give the backside a broader appearance.

6. Keep flared skirts and dresses to a minimum. Curvier hips can be achieved by wearing fuller skirts and dresses that stretch out from the waist. Pleating is another approach to make the hips appear more full.

7. Dress up in a wrap dress. Wrap dresses tend to make the waist appear smaller, resulting in a wider breast and hip area. This is yet another excellent method for achieving a curvier appearance.

8. Try on a dress with illusions. The front of an illusion dress is usually a light or brilliant hue, with darker colors on the sides. Color blocking is a term used to describe this color scheme. The dark color panels on the sides will draw the eye in toward the center, giving the illusion of an hourglass shape.

9. Finish with a belt. Wearing a belt around your natural waist can give you a curvier look. The belt will draw attention to your small waist while making your chest and hips appear larger in comparison.

Skinny belts are ideal for slimming the waist and creating an hourglass figure.

Wear a belt with everything from a dress to a slim-fit sweater or tunic top. Thanks for reading please share, comment, and follow this channel for more uploads.

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